Our Tax Advisors Work Proactively to Reduce Your Taxes

A traditional tax professional typically meets with you once annually to calculate your previous year's income and expenses and then prepares your tax return. 

Engaging with a tax attorney will help you adopt a proactive approach that will help you minimize your taxes. Throughout the year, they diligently work on your behalf to leverage every available money-saving deduction, credit, and strategy.

At Alperin Law & Wealth, we adhere to the belief that your money serves as a tool to enhance your quality of life. Our tax attorneys are dedicated to ensuring you pay no more in taxes than absolutely necessary. We recognize your hard-earned success, and we empower you to decide where your earnings should be allocated.

Tax Plans that Fit Your Needs

At Alperin Law & Wealth, we create personalized plans tailored to your unique needs. For business owners, potential deductions such as wages for minor children, insurance payments, and industry-related subscriptions are explored. These coaches also offer guidance on asset growth without adding to tax burdens, emphasizing the advantages of passive income for flexibility in financial goals.

Our one-stop-shop approach simplifies taking control of your future, with our team of financial planners, accountants, and attorneys collaborating seamlessly. Client education is integral, ensuring you understand how your money works for you.

In-Person or Virtual Meetings for Your Convenience

The Alperin Law & Wealth team is available at our conveniently located offices in Virginia Beach, Norfolk, and Suffolk, VA to assist clients throughout the region. Our team is also available to meet virtually for clients across Virginia and North Carolina. Schedule a free 15-minute call today to explore how we can support your tax planning needs by calling (757) 490-3500.

Scott Alperin
Experienced Estate Planning & Elder Law Attorney Serving Virginia Beach Area Clients Since 1994.