At Alperin Law & Wealth, we offer investment management services tailored to strike a balance between risk and asset growth.

We serve clients who:

  • Need assistance making independent investment decisions.
  • Seek a professional opinion regarding their investment portfolio.
  • Have questions about adapting to significant changes in income or major life events, such as marriage or divorce.
  • Need help with managing various financial concerns like cash-flow planning or debt management.
  • Recently received an inheritance.

Taking an Objective Approach

Successful investing involves the recognition that it is not possible to predict or time the markets. Unfortunately, many individuals find it challenging to achieve this objectivity. Anxiety about market crashes, susceptibility to "get rich quick" schemes, or succumbing to media hype can lead inexperienced investors to make poor decisions that jeopardize their financial security.

When you partner with our team, you can trust that you're benefiting from dedicated professionals who adopt a rational and realistic approach to investing. Although our core philosophy involves a passive approach to investing rather than active management, we understand that an autopilot approach is not always possible for your overall financial security. We emphasize the importance of controlling emotions as an investor, considering it a crucial factor in long-term investing success. For clients near or in retirement, we strive to provide consistency in returns, protecting against downturns while adhering to a disciplined, fact-driven investment approach. By employing a rational, passive approach that does not seek to outperform the markets, we believe that investors can significantly increase their probability of success.

Tailoring a Strategy to Your Needs

While specific results can't be guaranteed, our evidence-based approach aims to protect your portfolio during downturns when warranted while achieving market-rate returns during growth periods. Our recommended strategies are based on your unique financial goals, time frame for investing, personal risk tolerance, and available funds.

Investment documentation on a desk | Virginia Investment Management LawyerOur investment management services encompass:

  • Buying and selling assets
  • Monitoring existing investments for profitability
  • Researching potential investments
  • Creating short-term or long-term portfolio strategies
  • Coordinating investments with retirement or estate planning strategies
  • Analyzing financial statements to evaluate investment effectiveness
  • Minimizing tax liability
  • Providing detailed reports to keep you informed about your portfolio's status

As an independent Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) and Fiduciary, Alperin Law & Wealth works exclusively for you, as a fiduciary, free from conflicts of interest. Our advice is objective and based solely on what we believe will best meet your needs.

Empowering Your Future by Giving You the Tools You Need

While investment management details may seem complex, our team prioritizes client education. We explain our portfolio management strategy in easily understandable terms and address any questions you may have. We want you to experience the peace of mind that comes with a solid understanding of the strategies employed to achieve your financial goals. Serving retirees, aspiring retirees, business owners, high net worth individuals and medical professionals alike, Alperin Law & Wealth encourages a proactive approach to retirement goals. Our diverse team of estate planners, financial advisors, and tax attorneys collaborate to provide an integrated one-stop solution for your financial and legal needs.

In-Person or Virtual Meetings for Your Convenience

The Alperin Law & Wealth team is available at our conveniently located offices in Virginia Beach, Norfolk, and Suffolk, VA to assist clients throughout the region. Our team is also available to meet virtually for clients across Virginia and North Carolina. Schedule a free 15-minute call today to explore how we can support your financial planning and investment needs by calling (757) 490-3500.

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