Jonathan Hughes

Jonathan Hughes

Associate Attorney
  • Alperin Law
  • 500 Viking Drive, Suite 202 Virginia Beach, VA 23452
  • 757-490-3500

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My Background

I may be the newest associate attorney at Alperin Law, but I bring a world of experience. I have lived around the world as both the son of a military family and also as a retired Navy officer myself. I earned my aerospace engineering degree from Mississippi State University before joining the Navy. After earning my wings of gold, I flew military helicopters and later taught flight instruction to military students. During my 22 years of service, I also earned an Executive Masters of Business Administration from the Naval Postgraduate School and a Masters in Human Resources Management from Webster University. Most recently, I've acquired my Juris Doctorate at the Regent University School of Law, garnering a book award (highest grade) in Negotiations along the way. 

While flying a desk in my final years in the Navy, I enjoyed the experience of being a policy expert in a particular field and meeting with the admirals and senior civilian leaders above me to explain those leaders’ options. The highlight for me was briefing the head of the US Navy, the Chief of Naval Operations, Admiral Roughead, in his Pentagon headquarters. I determined that after I retired, I wanted to continue to provide a similar service to Estate Planning clients. I've interned at a variety of law offices as a student, finally settling down as an intern with Alperin Law. Now, with over 18 months of apprenticeship on both the estate administration side and the estate planning side, I am parlaying that hands-on education into valuable guidance for our clients.

In My Free Time

In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my wife, Michelle, and four boys. In fact, this winter, I will attempt to coach my rambunctious twins in basketball, my favorite sport. I also enjoy running and triathlon, and it is not surprising that this former Navy pilot has more than a little competitive attitude when it comes to racing.