Ann Miller

Ann Miller

Commercial/Residential Real Estate Paralegal
  • Alperin Law
  • 500 Viking Drive, Suite 202 Virginia Beach, VA 23452
  • 757-490-3500

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While not a native of the Hampton Roads area, Ann has lived here with her family for over 35 years. Ann’s first job right out of high school was with a two-man, family law firm in Pennsylvania. After moving to Virginia, she continued in the legal field as a residential real estate paralegal before gaining enough experience to become a litigation and commercial real estate paralegal at a mid-sized law firm for over 18 years. Thereafter, Ann joined a prominent title insurance company for 15 years before joining Alperin Law in July 2021.

Outside of the Office

In her free time, Ann enjoys spending quality time with her husband of 35 years, their youngest daughter, and rambunctious Border Collie. Ann loves her weekly FaceTime calls with their oldest daughter and two granddaughters in Illinois. In addition, Ann volunteers with the Friends of the Virginia Beach Mounted Police where she currently serves as Vice President and Treasurer of the Board of Directors. Ann is a proud supporter of the police officers and values her quality time with the equine officers. Ann also supports the American Cancer Society and the Alzheimer’s Association.

Practice Area

At Alperin Law, Ann works on the real estate team focusing on the processing and closing of residential and commercial real estate transactions. Ann and the entire real estate team take great pride in providing excellent customer service to clients, realtors, brokers, and lenders. Ann has been a member of CREW Coastal Virginia since 2009. This organization allows her to cultivate and strengthen relationships in the commercial real estate industry. Ann loves to see a commercial project come to life, and she excels at getting a real estate transaction to the closing table. Customer service is always a top priority for Ann.

Why Alperin Law?

After moving to Northern Suffolk in 2020, Ann wanted to be able to work closer to home. Other than the customers, her co-workers, and the benefits offered by the company, Ann’s favorite part about working at Alperin Law is her proximity to the office. Ann values a good work-life balance, and she is grateful that Alperin Law gives her this opportunity by working so close to home!