Commitment to Simplicity

Committed to making your life easier, we educate you on your investments and our management approach, offering information tailored to your preferences. Our focus is not just on results but also on ensuring you understand the strategy behind those results.

Client-Centric Approach

Unlike advisors operating under the selling model, we prioritize your best interests as an Independent Registered Investment Advisor (IRIA) and Fiduciary. Our objective and conflict-free advice is solely based on your situation, not influenced by third-party interests.

Wealth Management Services

Financial Planning

Uncovering your goals and analyzing your financials, our planning process addresses retirement, distribution, tax, estate, and charitable planning, providing you with a customized and straightforward plan.

Retirement Consulting

Beyond entering retirement, our retirement planning ensures a steady stream of income to sustain you and your loved ones without compromising your lifestyle.

IRA/401(K) Planning

Delving into the pros and cons of retirement investment placement, we assess risk exposure, internal charges, and plan performance, guiding you to make informed decisions.

Portfolio/Money Management

Our asset management program minimizes risk exposure and maximizes returns, prioritizing the protection of your principal and mitigating potential losses.

At Alperin Law Financial Solutions, we offer comprehensive wealth management services, providing clarity and guidance in growing and safeguarding your wealth.

In-Person or Virtual Meetings for Your Convenience

The Alperin Law & Wealth team is available at our conveniently located offices in Virginia Beach, Norfolk, and Suffolk, VA to assist clients throughout the region. Our team is also available to meet virtually for clients across Virginia and North Carolina. Contact us online today for a free 15-minute call today to explore how we can support your financial planning and investment needs by calling (757) 490-3500.

Scott Alperin
Experienced Estate Planning & Elder Law Attorney Serving Virginia Beach Area Clients Since 1994.