Life-Centered Financial Planning for Your Future

Once we grasp your current situation, we turn our attention to your specific goals. This may involve:
  • Ensuring you're on course with your retirement savings
  • Growing your investments prudently
  • Determining a sustainable annual retirement spending limit without depleting your assets
  • Planning for potential long-term care needs for yourself or your spouse
  • Addressing concerns related to family members with special needs
  • Leaving a meaningful inheritance for your children and grandchildren
  • Contributing to the community through charitable donations
  • Minimizing tax liabilities
  • Safeguarding assets from creditors, lawsuits, or divorce proceedings
While many issues we address align with concerns in estate planning, tax planning, or business succession planning, Alperin Law & Wealth stands out by providing an integrated one-stop solution that caters to all your financial and legal requirements. Instead of seeking multiple service providers, you can rely on us to formulate a comprehensive plan addressing each of your essential financial goals.

Empowering You to Shape Your Future

While we don't expect you to become a financial expert overnight, we emphasize the importance of developing a solid understanding of the strategies employed to reach your goals and why these strategies are proven to work. We'll guide you through your financial plan step-by-step, answering any questions you may have. As an independent Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) and Fiduciary, we work directly for you and in your best interest, without promoting specific investment products or hidden agendas. Our role as your wealth management advisor is simply to equip you with the knowledge needed to make informed decisions.

In-Person or Virtual Meetings for Your Convenience

The Alperin Law & Wealth team is available at our conveniently located offices in Virginia Beach, Norfolk, and Suffolk, VA to assist clients throughout the region. Our team is also available to meet virtually for clients across Virginia and North Carolina. Schedule a free 15-minute call today to explore how we can support your financial planning and investment needs by calling (757) 490-3500.

Scott Alperin
Experienced Estate Planning & Elder Law Attorney Serving Virginia Beach Area Clients Since 1994.