Many people mistakenly believe that once they reach a certain age, there is no need to focus on planning for the future. Unfortunately, this belief leaves some older adults stranded in a situation where they can’t pay for the care they need and their hard-earned life savings quickly disappear. This doesn’t have to happen to you or your elderly parent or loved one. At Alperin Law, we provide help and support to seniors facing these difficult decisions as part of our holistic approach to elder law. We created our Life Care Planning program to help our elderly clients answer the difficult questions that arise as they age and to coordinate their care options across the legal, financial, and medical arenas.

Understand the Choices You Have

When you or a loved one is showing signs of dementia or physical disability, you know it’s important to consult a physician, but you may not know that it’s just as important to talk to a lawyer. One reason people don’t ask for legal help as they age is that they simply don’t know there are options available to them to protect their autonomy, their assets, and their families. Our Life Care Planning service will help you:

Understand your options for long-term care.

Will you need a nursing home, or is assisted living or in-home care an option for you? We will assess your needs and put you in touch with the long-term care resources available in your community.

Identify the benefits for which you may qualify.

You may be eligible for VA Aid & Attendance, Medicaid, or other benefit programs. We will help you access resources and apply for the benefits you have earned.

Sell your house.

Through our real estate practice, we can help with the sale of your house when the time comes.

Protect your assets from the high cost of a nursing home.

You should not have to give up your dream of leaving money or property to your heirs. We will help you protect your hard-earned assets for the next generation.

Maintain maximum independence for as long as possible.

When you receive the right care early on and sign legal documents that protect your autonomy, you may be able to stay in your home longer and preserve your quality of life.

Make sure your legal documents are in order.

Whether you have never completed an estate or long term care plan or already have powers of attorney, living trusts, healthcare directives, and other important documents in place, we will make sure they reflect your current desires and that the people who need them have copies.

When you work with our elder law attorneys on an estate plan, long term care plan, or other legal matter, we can include our Life Care Planning services as part of our engagement for services. Our Elder Care Coordinator is a medical professional who will assess your needs and help you and your family make the important decisions that need to be made regarding your care. By directing you to the right services, we can help ease the burden on you and family members so you can live out your life according to your wishes.

We Offer Peace of Mind

If you or a loved one is facing a health crisis, a legal and life care assessment is just as important as a medical evaluation. Schedule a consultation in any one of our Eastern Virginia offices—in Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Newport News, Suffolk, or Chesapeake—to talk to our Life Care Planning team. We are passionate about helping seniors in these communities, as well as in Williamsburg, Gloucester, Hampton, Portsmouth, Isle of Wight County, and the Eastern Shore, maintain their independence for as long as possible, and we will work with you and your family to help make that happen. It is never too soon to talk to us about planning for asset protection and long-term care, but it is never too late, either. We are able to help whether you are planning ahead or need an immediate solution in the midst of a crisis. Do not hesitate to call or fill out the contact form on this page if you or a loved one needs assistance.