"When we meet with a client, the first thing that I impress upon them is that unlike most law firms that look at estate planning as a transaction, where you come in and you do a plan, and you take it home and stick it in a drawer, and it collects dust, and you never look at it again, that's not the best way to plan.

Because as your life changes and as the law changes, you want your plan to continue to work for you. So, at Alperin Law, we look at this as the beginning of a relationship. Where today, we'll get to know each other, get a plan in place that works for you now. But over time, we continue to stay in touch.

Most attorneys that do estate plans, once they do the plan, you never hear from them again. And when the clients come to my office, I look at the plan and it hasn't been dealt with in 20 or 30 years since the kids were little. And I tell those clients all the time, if something were to happen to you in the interim, your plan would not have done what it was supposed to do for you because your life is so different now, your family's different, the law has changed so much. So, it's important to have your plan continue to work for you over time. And that means having an ongoing relationship with your attorney.

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