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Veteran Disability Law

Those of us who served remember everything about our time on active duty or in the reserves. Boot camp, rifle qualification, first assignment. But we remember other things, too, like the day we realized even a minor medical issue might be more serious than we thought. That's the thing about military service. It's a hard job and it's very common for veterans to carry a lifetime of medical problems as a result of serving our country.

Our team of veterans and experts know the VA and we know the law. The Department of Veterans Affairs is comprised of hard-working fellow Americans. However, they're people and people make mistakes. If you applied for an initial rating or an increase in your VA rating and were denied, let us review the VA's decision. We know the VA's playbook for every medical condition and we know how to help them understand the severity of your condition.

With regard to mental health, the VA is beginning to understand that mental health issues are not just for veterans who experienced combat events. There are levels are stress in military service that cannot compare to anything else on the planet. We know that every day on active duty, service members feel the pressure to perform and maximize every moment to ensure our nation is protected. This can take a toll on mental wellness and sometimes not even surface until later years. It takes courage to talk to anyone, especially a medical professional, about mental health. But we all know it's a moment of courage that will pay off enormously when it comes to your health.

Keep in mind that VA disability law is a constantly changing environment. For example, over the years, individual medical conditions have been added to the list of issues that are presumptively service-connected if there was any exposure to Agent Orange. In fact, any amount of time on the ground in Southeast Asia is sufficient to establish exposure to Agent Orange.

Veterans should be aware of occurrences of secondary medical problems. What if a veteran has a service-connected medical problem that causes additional problems? For example, an injury to the right leg can cause problems in the left leg from changes to a person's walking pattern. Problems that may seem purely physical can result in depression from the struggles that come with any disability. When we talk about your VA claim and your health, let's be sure to talk about everything you are experiencing. We want to be certain to make sure the VA knows about every issue that should be compensated.

It's a busy world and we know you need fast answers. Contact us at your next opportunity. Let us assess your case and come up with a strategy to get you your increase. You fought for us. We'll fight for you.

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