Have you been put in the position of administering a loved one's trust or estate? Are you currently going through probate and find it's more complicated that you thought it would be? You're not alone. Alperin Law helps people just like you through these trying times.

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Probate & Estate Attorney Mike Cardoza

"More often than not dealing with a loved one's estate can be complicated, frustrating and unfortunately messy. I take great care in working with my clients to ensure they have taken advantage of the tools and strategies available to protect their assets. When you need a probate attorney in the Norfolk, Virginia area who will treat you like family, don't hesitate to contact me directly."

-Attorney Scott Alperin

How Does Alperin Law Help Families With Probate Services?

Contacting Beneficiaries

We will take on the responsibility of helping you contact all beneficiaries in order to ensure your loved one's wishes are adhered to. 

Gathering,Valuing & Managing Assets

Our legal team will diligently gather, value and provide guidance on managing all assets in compliance with the proper guidelines laid out in all of the estate legal documents.

Dealing With Potential Creditors

Working with existing creditors is a legal necessity in estate administration. We understand the best methods to navigate this area while keeping you informed during the entire process.

Paying Debts, Taxes & Final Expenses

The team of Alperin Law will perform all of the heavy lifting in regards to paying your loved one's debts, taxes as well as all funeral, burial or cremation expenses.

Distributing Remaining Income & Assets

We will advise you concerning the proper method of distributing all remaining income and assets to ensure your deceased loved one's are satisfied with the end results.

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Many of our probate and estate clients first come to us to help untangle a messy situation. Not only do we take great pride in helping people through this difficult task, we take a personable responsibility in treating each client as if they were part of our own family. For more information or to schedule your legal consultation at our Norfolk, Virginia office please complete the form on this page. We look forward to helping you.