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Will Your Loved Ones Know What to do When You Are Gone?

If you’ve named your children, relatives, or friends to be in charge as “Successor Trustee” of your Living Trust when you pass away, they probably have no idea of what to do! After all, they’ve probably never served as a Trustee before.

Unfortunately… What Your Successor Trustee Doesn’t Know Could Cost Your Family Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars!
(and Cause Lots of Family Conflict!)

In this webinar/seminar, you will learn:

  • How to determine what duties are owed to your beneficiaries
  • How to properly carry out those duties
  • How to work together with any Co-Trustees and your beneficiaries to avoid conflicts and resolve disputes
  • How to access your funds immediately when the time comes
  • The best way to deal with your creditors and overdue bills and/or avoid an IRS audit
  • How to properly determine the value of your assets
  • The best way to successfully defend against contests
  • How to avoid liability for self-dealing or conflicts of interest
  • How you can get paid compensation and get reimbursed for expenses
  • How to set up proper accounting procedures
  • How to avoid many other pitfalls for the unwary that could expose your Trustee to personal liability - even if he or she is smart, responsible, and good with money

Current Calendar for The ABC's of Successfully Acting as Successor Trustee:

  • Thursday, April 4th at 10:00 AM - Online Webinar

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