Business lawyers help companies understand what legal problems they’re currently facing and what legal issues they might be faced with in the future. Whether you’re in the early stages of starting your company, have been successfully managing your business for years, or want to turn a family owned enterprise over to the next generation, an experienced Virginia business attorney can make sure you comply with all relevant state and federal laws. Virginia Beach Business Lawyer Alperin Law

Starting a Business

If you’re an entrepreneur looking for assistance to get your company off the ground, some of the tasks a lawyer can help with include:

  • Choosing between an LLC, an S Corp, or another business type
  • Creating a partnership agreement that spells out each party’s contributions and legal rights
  • Drafting non-disclosure and non-compete agreements for key employees
  • Creating standard contracts to use with your clients, partners, and suppliers
  • Reviewing a franchise agreement
  • Handling issues related to local zoning laws
  • Assisting you in purchasing commercial property to use as a warehouse, office space, or a storefront
  • Making sure you are following the regulatory tax laws that apply to a startup business

When you’re still waiting to turn a profit, it can be tempting to use DIY websites or guidebooks offering fill-in-the-blank forms for new businesses. However, these templates will not be personalized to fit your business’s unique needs. Giving your business a firm legal foundation can reduce the risk of encountering time-consuming or costly problems in the future.

Taking Your Company to the Next Level

If your company has already been in business for many years, your legal needs will be different than a business that’s just getting started. You may need an experienced Virginia business law attorney to:

  • Shift or change your organizational structure
  • Negotiate disputed contacts or breach of contract claims
  • Handle mergers and acquisitions
  • Deal with employment law concerns related to sexual harassment, disability and sick leave, or workplace safety
  • Advise on compliance issues and risk management
  • Minimize tax obligations
  • Protect intellectual property such as patents and trademarks
  • Assist with reviewing profits and losses as you seek additional funding for growth or expansion
  • Fulfill the ongoing legal requirements necessary to maintain corporation status such as annual shareholder, director, and partner meetings that comply with state and federal requirements
  • Reduce damages if your business is sued by an unhappy customer or former employee
  • Handle interstate and international legal issues such as those relating to the transportation of goods

When you have a business lawyer who you can trust, you’ll rest easier knowing that your company’s legal interests will be protected. Instead of wasting your time doing damage control, you’ll be able to focus on long-term strategic planning.

Going to Court

Generally, most business lawyers handle issues that are negotiated between parties without the need for court intervention. However, if you are unable or unwilling to come to an agreement, your attorney can represent you in court.

At Alperin Law, our experienced business attorneys are expert litigators. We are committed to acting in the best interest of our clients—whether that means negotiating behind the scenes or taking an issue to court.

Leaving Your Business

Although most of the issues a business lawyer handles have to do with the day-to-day operations of the company, it’s also smart to contact a business lawyer if you’re thinking of selling your business to pursue a new venture or need to create a succession plan for your upcoming retirement.

If you have a family owned business, succession planning is of particular importance. A skilled attorney can create a plan to transfer ownership to the next generation while minimizing potential sources of conflict between you and your children or grandchildren.

Do You Have Questions About the Future of Your Business?

If you have questions about the legal issues associated with running a successful business, our experienced business law attorney can help. Please contact us online, or call our Virginia Beach office. We have offices throughout Virginia, including Chesapeake, Newport News, Norfolk, and Suffolk.


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