There is an incredible feeling of relief that comes when you sign estate planning documents. All the hard decisions have been made and knowing that you, your family, and your assets will be protected no matter what happens brings a certain peace of mind. We love providing this feeling to our clients. However, we are also aware that an estate plan that works for you now may not meet your needs in a few years. That is why we have developed our free Client Care Maintenance Program. With this unique program, you can file away your documents and not give them another thought. We will contact you every three years and invite you in for a free review of your plan.

Why You Might Need to Update Your Estate Plan

If you’re like many people, not much will change in your life in three years. You may still be working, have minor children, and have no new valuable assets. When we reach out to you under our Client Care Maintenance Program, we will send a questionnaire for you to fill out to determine if you have experienced a significant change before you come in to meet with us. The kinds of changes that will require an update to your estate plan include the following:

  • Contact information and address
  • Significant change in financial situation
  • Marriage or divorce
  • Birth of a child
  • Children reaching the age of majority
  • Death of a beneficiary, trustee, guardian, agent, or executor
  • Change of heart about a beneficiary, trustee, guardian, agent, or executor
  • Serious health concerns for yourself or a family member
  • Funding of trusts
  • Impending need for long-term, assisted living, or nursing home care for you or your spouse
  • Purchase of firearms you want to pass on to heirs
  • Retirement or life insurance plans
  • Assets that are not included in existing trusts

The questionnaire we send will require you to think about the things that might have changed in the previous few years so that when you meet with us in a free consultation, we can dig in right away to review your estate plan.

We Are Here for You Whenever You Need Us

Of course, the team at Alperin Law is here for you whenever you need us. You can call anytime you have a question about your plan or when you have experienced a significant life change. But if you don’t reach out to us, you will get an email from us in three years. You may be shocked to realize that three years have already passed—many of our clients are! If you don’t respond to our email—we know you are busy!—we will send a letter, and we will follow that up with a phone call. We are not trying to annoy you, but we really don’t want you to find out too late that your estate plan doesn’t meet your needs because things have changed since you wrote it.

We Are Your Partners for Life

At Alperin Law, we don’t see estate planning as a single legal transaction—you sign documents, and we send you on your way. Instead, our goal is to maintain a life-long relationship with you. We are here for you every step of the way and, if you don’t think you need to call us, we’ll call you to make sure your plan still works for you. The best part is, you don’t have to do anything to sign up for our Client Care Maintenance Program. You will be automatically enrolled once you have signed your initial documents with us. It’s just one of the many ways we work to be your estate planning partner for life. 

Do You Need To Speak With A Lawyer About Estate Planning?

If you need to speak with an experienced estate planning lawyer please contact us online or call our Virginia Beach office directly at 757.490.3500 to schedule your free consultation. We have offices throughout Virginia including Chesapeake, Newport News, Norfolk and Suffolk.

Scott Alperin
Experienced Estate Planning & Elder Law Attorney Serving Virginia Beach Area Clients Since 1994.