As seniors age, many of them rely on spouses or children to take care of them. However, one-third of today’s baby boomers are “aging solo,” which means that they don’t have children who can take care of them. As social standards change, new ideas about the ideal arrangements for seniors is changing as well.

Author Sheila Sullivan Zubrod recently shared her idea for creating personalized living arrangements for groups of seniors who are aging solo. These living spaces would be similar to assisted living facilities but would be personalized to the needs and interests of a particular group. A close-knit group of seniors may choose to rent several apartments around each other, or perhaps live in a group home together. As a unit, the group of friends would assemble a trusted network of advisors and helpers such as nurses, attorneys, and other professionals who could help them age in place.

By planning ahead while still in their 50s or 60s, Zubrod says, seniors can make sure that their plan for the future is in place and ready to be implemented when the time comes. While this can often be an uncomfortable topic to confront, it is one that is important to consider.


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